Hi, my name is Sam. I am a civil engineer working in one of the nation’s top engineering firms in Houston, Texas. Graduated during the great recession of 2008, I struggled to find my footing in a treacherous job market. However, the good thing about difficult times is that you learn important lessons. Struggle to land a job in such an environment with high unemployment rate allowed me the unique opportunity to become better in job searching techniques, resume writing and job interviews than the competition. A simple recipe to success in any venture is to keep on trying. We fail only when we completely give up. If we persistently keep on trying then there is no such event as “failure”. Instead, we either learn from our mistakes or, eventually, win. I landed on jobs in local engineering firms until I received offers from two major engineering companies. The both companies were, and still are, great places to work at. I chose the one that best fit my interest. When I passed my professional engineering exam in 2012, it changed the trajectory of my career path and opened many doors of opportunities.

I started this blog to share my experience and knowledge in order to help engineering students and professionals to attain their career goals. I hope my articles, blogs and eBooks regarding career building will help you in your journey to be successful in your engineering career. I hope that the resources I have compiled in this website for fundamentals and professional engineering exams will be helpful for you to overcome any hurdle while you prepare for those exams and build a rewarding engineering career. With your dedication and our tools, I believe that you can achieve your career goals, and not just stop there but set yourself off on a perpetual journey of personal growth. Let me leave you with a quote from the book The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz. “When you believe something can be done, really believe, your mind will find the ways to do it.”

I wish you a life full of curiosity, courage and fulfillment.