Time Management

time management

It always seems that there is never enough time in a day, but we all get same 24 hours in a day. While some of us makes the most out of it and achieve their goals the others prefer to procrastinate and that’s the main reason why former one are leading and latter one are hoping that these 24 hours would increase magically.
The most important reason for a successful life is effective time management and there are certain strategies, if they are followed then your plans and goals can be achieved in the targeted time.

1)    Plan Ahead:
To start your day without knowing what you expect to be done at the end of the day is something quite alarming. You should always have a plan what and when you’ll do the whole day. Assign a certain amount of time in which you plan your task and start your new day with a proper rundown in your hand. It not only gives you a clear vision of the whole day but it will also give you mental peace.

2)    Set your goals right:
While planning for different activities, always keep in your mind that whatever you are doing it supports your life or business directly or indirectly. Instead of indulging yourself in things which are potential timewaster you have to keep your goals in mind while planning even a single thing.

3)    Prioritize the Most Important Tasks (MIT):
We all need to set our priorities straight in our personal lives and so in our work because that’s the exact point from where all the hassle starts when a thing is not given its due importance which it needs to be given. You need to prioritize your tasks on these 4 quadrants to achieve your goals timely and effectively:

  •     Emergencies & Crises: Urgent and Important
  •     Long-Term Goals: Not Urgent but Important
  •     Interruptions: Urgent but Not Important
  •     Distractions: Not Urgent and Not Important

4)    Take small breaks:
No matter how tight you are on your schedule, you need to take small breaks so that your mind can work efficiently. A study suggested that out of an hour, you brain needs to relax for 10 minutes to perform in its best form. Time management and stress management go hand in hand. If you are stressed out then you will lose your efficiency and your task in hand may take longer than usual to complete. When you are fresh you can work more productively. While planning your time keep in mind to make time for the quick breaks.

5)    Make a to-do list:
Divide your goals and tasks into small milestones and then make a to-do list to target them but keep in mind not to prolong this list with abundant teeny tiny tasks. You have to develop a list very wisely and maturely.
It will keep you focused with the hands on task and what you are supposed to do next and it will also help you to keep a track record of tasks you are done with. You should also try to number certain tasks to work on in a given time instead of mingling up with numerous tasks at the same time.

6)    Learn to say “No”:
Saying “No” is one of the keys to effective time management. Negating sometimes is no harm. We all realize how much we can handle in a certain time, if you already have a handsome amount on your plate then find a polite way to refuse instead of accepting the dinner invitation to help someone with their work and overburdening yourself. This will not only cause delay in your work but it can also affect your health.

7)    80/20 principle (Pareto’s Law):
According to this principle, you achieve majority of your goal from first 80% of your effort. Once you are able to grab those low hanging fruits, your efficiency slowly decline. If you can learn to effectively delegate the task then you can focus on things that are most important to you and your efficiency goes up quite a bit.
If you are able to master the above mentioned strategies, you can be an expert in time management in no time and soon you’ll be able to surcharge the productivity while setting aside your procrastination. Remember that there are people who are able to achieve their goals despite having long commutes to work, having children and family, and other ten different things in their list whereas, another set of people keeps complaining and blaming those factors for their under-achievements. Learn to effectively manage your time under fall under the former category.

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