Effective Stress Management

stress management

When you realize that things are out of your control, your ability to think gradually becomes vague and you are unable to concentrate on one single thing. When the things of routine are becoming a fear for you, it doesn’t mean that there is some problem around you. The reason is your mind which is triggering you all the time. If you are facing anxiety or panic attacks or you feel that your life is constantly moving in a downward slope you just need to calm down, it’s just a mind game which can change your life at 180 degrees. You should know that you are a human being at the end of the day and your body needs its relaxing time and free time. If you overburden yourself with work it will affect your mental health along with the physical one.
All you need to do is to find out the causes which are constantly affecting your emotional equilibrium. Life will always be demanding – bills will never stop, your family and business will always ask for its time, your social circle will keep on expanding and certainly you’ll be needed at all these places with a sound mind because that’s how life is supposed to be. But with little determination and high morale these things can be managed easily. Prioritizing important things and effectively managing time helps a lot in reducing the stress. Following are a few strategies which proves to be lifesaving when it comes to managing stress:

1)    Practice the 4 A’s of Stress Management:

  •      Avoid:
         You need to avoid the people or places which stress you out. You are totally responsible of your circle and environment and it’s time to make wise decisions. It is actually the time to avoid all these things. If some TV news annoys you, turn off the TV. If loud news irritate you, then find a place where you can sit quietly and relax.
  •     Alter:
          If someone is constantly bothering your mental health then you should try to bend a little and talk to that person. You both have to sort things out in a positive way.
  •     Accept:
          Many things in your lives are out of our control, instead of reacting to it on a daily basis and boiling your blood, you should try to be acceptive toward things and control your reaction. Someone’s behavior should never challenge you mentally. Remember the famous saying by Buddha – “You cannot control how other people act, but you can always control how you react.”
  •     Adapt:
          Try to find positives in problems. How this problem or your boss’s rigid behavior will help you in the long run. Try to create opportunities from little hurdles and mend your ways.

2)    Don’t Stop:
This is the time one doesn’t feel like leaving the bed. Even taking a shower seems the biggest challenge and that’s the actual point when you have to take the first step. Do not lock down yourself in a cage, you have to get going. Even those 20 minutes in which you meditate, a quick exercise or yoga will be more than enough in the initial phase. And remember to just laugh out loud, your smile is the easiest way to relieve yourself from all that stress which is causing mental fatigue and not letting you think straight.

3)    Connect with the community:
It is the time when you actually want someone to hear you out. You just need that one person in front of whom you can pour your heart out. It’s the face to face interaction that makes you feel wanted and the easiest stress reliever. Also prefer to do some physical activity which helps to keep your mind diverted and makes you happy.

4)    Breathing Exercise:
Proper and calm breathing sends signal to brain that everything is calm. Next time, when it is your turn to stand up and speak to an audience and you are hyperventilating, inhale a deep breath via nose for about 4 to 5 seconds, pause for about 2 seconds and exhale slowly for about 4 to 5 seconds, pause for another 2 seconds. Repeat this cycle for about 5 to 10 times and notice the different. You need to be breathing through your diaphragm, since the lungs breathing is too shallow for proper breathing exercise.

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